honey vip royal

Honey VIP royal is a king among all the types of honey. This is the purest and most unreachable honey for an amateur. The line of honey VIP royal contains 3 types of honey from the best manufacturers in the Caucasus: * Honey from the TELMANSKY zone * Bukovin Honey * Honey from the SOUTH of the Krasnodar territory. Pure honey is a rare product, especially if we take into account the countries that have a honey deficit. Such products as honey VIP royal are produced exclusively in Ukraine and are so rare that they are not suitable for everyone. Strawberry honey Ukraine is famous not royal honey vip para que es only for its honey but also for its history.

Honey VIP royal

After the division of mothers, the main batch of bees did not go with Ukraine, ultimate power source honey but remained with the Crimea. Crimea is a legendary land. It is not forbidden to take a tour of the Crimean beaches or just look at the sea. Honey is divided into 88 categories. This is a result of the heritage of Ukraine and Russia.

Honey royal

The fact is that for 300 years, one state included both Ukraine and Russia. Russians had more beekeepers and more bees. The merger of beekeepers and the establishment of a single honey market led to a merge of the honey lines of each of the countries. The most legendary honey comes from the mountains. The fact is that the land of the mountains has a huge amount of honey plants and medicinal plants. The most famous honey from the mountains is rose hip, buckwheat and lime. Possible types of honey. In Ukraine, the following types of honey are most common: * Flower honey * Meadow * Mountain * Comb * Linden * Sveryla * Rape * Marsh meadow * Thyme * Manchurian For example, forests, canyons and steppes are the places of origin of honey.

difference between Honey VIP royal

The difference between honey grades and collection dates The main difference between honey and the usual honey is not only the name and place of growth. The collection season affects the taste and composition of honey. For example, such honey as mountain, spring and meadow honey is collected in early spring and during flowering. The difference between honey VIP and honey VIP royal is that honey VIP is collected in early fall and after flowering than before. This is the reason for the different natural properties and taste of honeys.

Honey Vip Royal is a type of honey that is very unique in terms of taste and nutritional benefits

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